Inside Linfield - Human Resources

Forms for Linfield Employees


Please see the Employee Benefits web page to get a brief description of various benefits, formal summary plan descriptions and enrollment/change forms.

Marriage/Domestic Partnership Affidavit

PTO Bank Request Form

Retirement Contribution Form

Turn in this form at any time to make changes to your 403(b) deferral amount, and to choose between Pre-Tax and Roth. 


Payroll Check Request


Temporary Employee Requisition Form

Job Requisition Form

Faculty Position Search Form

Volunteer Certification

Temp Agency Employee Requisition Form


Telecommuting Agreement

Home Safety Checklist for Telecommuting


Employee Change Form (for office moves)

Employee Change of Address - (Please login to Paycom to update address)

Employee Name Change Form and TIAA-CREF Name Change Form

Leave of Absence Request

Web-based forms

(Requires CatNet login)

Conflict of Interest Form