Inside Linfield - Faculty Resources

Student Policies Committee

The Student Policies Committee proposes policy, establishes standards, and reviews issues related to admissions, advising, enrollment, financial aid, and student life.

Voting Members

  • Denise Farag, Chair
  • Leonard Finkelman, Arts and Humanities
  • Andrew Baggett, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Jennifer Bransfield, Portland
  • Eric Schuck, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Natalie Welch, Faculty Athletic Representative

Ex Officio Members

  • TBA, Student Representative
  • TBA, Student Representative
  • Jeff Mackay, Dean of Students
  • Susan Hopp, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Janet Peterson, Director of Academic Advising

Competitive Scholarship Working Group

The Competitive Scholarship Working Group conducts interviews with Fulbright applicants each fall and also reviews applications and offers suggestions related to scholarship awards for work in specific academic disciplines.