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Planning and Budget Committee

The Planning and Budget Committee advises the Faculty Assembly on faculty compensation and other means of enhancing the recruitment and retention of faculty, and serves in an advisory capacity to the President regarding institutional planning and the budget.

  • Virlena Crosley, Chair
  • Brian Winkenweder, Arts and Humanities
  • Anna Keesey, Arts and Humanities
  • Greg Jones, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Cisco Reyes, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Patrice O'Donovan, Portland
  • Elizabeth Straus, Portland
  • Chris Dahlvig, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • TBD, Social and Behavioral Sciences

University Planning and Budget Committee

Virlena Crosley (Chair)

Committee members appointed to the Campus Planning and Budget Committee (CPBC) Budget Working Group provide a link between the budget and policies reviewed by the Faculty Planning and Budget Committee (FPBC).

Faculty Compensation Subcommittee

The Faculty Compensation Subcommittee:

  1. reviews and reports on the current state of faculty compensation to faculty at large, and to the Administration and Trustees; and
  2. develops, in concert with the Office of Academic Affairs, recommendations for faculty salary policies.

Planning Subcommittee

The Planning Subcommittee:

  1. reviews materials from other committees and academic programs, and communicates faculty needs to appropriate entities; and
  2. keeps the committee apprised of broader institutional demands rising from other areas of Linfield University.

Facilities Working Group

The Facilities (Remodeling and Master Planning) Working Group:

  1. provides faculty input to the Office of Academic Affairs or designated offices on remodeling of academic spaces;
  2. communicates necessary academic demands on campus infrastructure; and
  3. provides an avenue for faculty input into the Campus Master Plan.

Campus Benefits Working Group

The Campus Benefits Working Group provides faculty perspective on employee benefits to the Campus Benefits Committee or other entities.