Inside Linfield - OCE Faculty Guide

Submitting your syllabus

All OCE instructors are required to submit their syllabi through the online system. The deadline you are given ensures enough time for

  1. Approval or edit requests by your Department Chair or Liaison
  2. Making your syllabus available for students at registration
  3. Ensuring that your books get ordered by the college bookstore


Uploaded syllabi must be in PDF format. We recommend that you keep the original format available for editing and "Save As" a pdf to upload.

  • When your syllabus is ready to be submitted for approval login to the syllabi submission site with your Catnet ID.
  • Choose the appropriate term from the dropdown menu and find your corresponding course(s).
  • Under the “Controls” column, click the “add” link. The new screen will have your name as well as the course name and number.
  • Click “Choose File,” find the appropriate syllabus in your documents and click “Choose File” again.
  • Please upload your syllabus as a PDF.
  • Repeat this for each course you are teaching in the upcoming term or terms.
  • Please double check and make sure you are attaching the correct syllabus to the correct course in the correct term.
  • Once these syllabi are approved, they will be posted to the course Syllabi page on our website.
  • If you are required to make changes to your syllabus, please do so, log back in and you should see “rejected” under the Status.
  • You’ll then click on “Update” in the controls and replace the existing syllabus with the revised version and click “Update/upload.”


  • When a syllabus has been submitted, you and the OCE Program Coordinator will be alerted via email.
  • Login with your Catnet ID.
  • Find your departments’ courses and review each syllabus with the status that says “new” to ensure that it meets the requirements set out in the Syllabus Checklist and meets the expectations of your department.
  • Then, in the controls column, click “Update” to approve or reject the syllabus.
  • If you want to approve the syllabus, click the “Approve” bubble and then select “Update.”
  • If you do not approve the syllabus, please explain why in the “Comments” section and identify what changes are needed. Click the “Reject” bubble and then select “Update.”
  • The Program Coordinator and the faculty member will receive an email alerting them that they need to make necessary changes and re-submit the syllabus.
  • Once you approve the syllabus, it will say “Approved” in the Status column so you can keep track of the process.
  • If you are teaching the course, your syllabus will automatically be approved in the system.
  • Once these syllabi are approved, they will be posted to the course Syllabi page on our website.