Inside Linfield - External Faculty Grants

IV. Submitting your proposal


Proposals should be vetted for institutional approval at least 10 DAYS prior to the funding agency's deadline. The faculty member should fill out an online Proposal Approval Form, which will automatically be sent to the Director of Grants and Sponsored Research  and to the:

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs – reviews overall ramifications and effects on the university, including future budgets.
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration – serves as a checkpoint to be certain the budget is complete and realistic.
  • Vice President for Institutional Advancement – reviews for appropriate format and relationship to overall fundraising efforts of the university.
  • President – reviews the proposal and signs the cover letter (if required).

Special review

Proposals involving human subjects should be reviewed by Linfield’s Institutional Review Board, while proposals involving animal subjects must be reviewed by the university Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee. The applying faculty member is responsible for submitting the proposal for consideration and should determine sufficiently in advance when and how often these committees review proposals for approval.


Requests for proposals usually have set deadlines for submission and requests for extensions are rarely allowed.


The faculty member is responsible for transmitting the proposal to the granting agency and providing a copy of the proposal, budget and appendices to the Director of Grants and Sponsored Research, who may help with submissions upon request. Please note that some external funders may require several copies to be submitted.

Budget modifications and negotiations

Funding agencies sometimes request budget modifications to pending proposals or engage in budget negotiations for approved proposals. In either case, copies of the modified/negotiated budgets must be submitted to the Director of Grants and Sponsored Research for review and approval by appropriate parties.