Inside Linfield - External Faculty Grants

I. Grant support services

The following departments provide the following services to faculty seeking external grant funding.

University Advancement

The Director of Grants and Sponsored Research (Carroll Deason in University Advancement:

  • Searches for potential funding opportunities.
  • Broadcasts funding opportunities.
  • Obtains applications and guidelines.
  • Assists with proposal and budget preparation.
  • Reviews proposal and budget to assure compliance with funding source and university.
  • Provides initial post-award administration including obtaining an account number and notifying the appropriate deans and vice presidents.
  • Monitors report deadlines.
  • Assists with report generation and submission.
  • Contacts the funding agency regarding changes to the budget or project.
  • Shares news of the award with the university.
  • Updates and maintains foundation and corporation electronic files.

Academic Affairs

The Dean/Associate Deans of Academic Affairs:

  • Approves the cost share and submittal of the proposal.
  • Reviews and approves post-award expenditures above $1,000 prior to payment.


The Grants Administrator in Accounting:

  • Assists in budget development for proposals.
  • Develops subcontract agreements.
  • Routes grant agreements for institutional approval.
  • Creates separate accounts for each grant.
  • Schedules and oversees grant award orientation meetings.
  • Reviews and approves all non-salary grant expenditures.
  • Routes invoices and reimbursement requests to accounts payable.
  • Approves budget changes and adjustments.
  • Performs retroactive cost transfers as needed.
  • Provides periodic expenditure reports each year or as requested.
  • Provides information for financial reports required by the granting agency. 
  • Generates Annual Grant Income and Research and Development Funding reports for NSF.
  • Checks that grant funded participants are not in the federal Excluded Parties List.
  • Collects Financial Conflict of Interest and Time and Effort Report forms.
  • Monitors compliance with NSF's requirement for training in Responsible Conduct of Research.
  • Informs federal grantees of federal Whistleblower Protection Act.

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources:

  • Assists with recruiting new grant-funded personnel.
  • Processes payment of grant-funded compensation for personnel including students.
  • Provides guidance in determining who qualifies as an “independent contractor” to meet federally mandated requirements.