Inside Linfield - External Faculty Grants

VI. Award administration

See section VII for administration instructions for Federal Awards.

Changes in project

Any major changes in project scope, budget or faculty involvement requires that the faculty member notify the Grant Administrator who will, in turn, contact the award sponsor and obtain written approval for the changes.

Expending grant funds

To expend funds from the grant account, faculty must follow the rules and processes outlined in the Grant Expenses Policy and Procedures.  

Financial and narrative reports

The faculty member is responsible for the timely submission of all technical and financial reports, in accordance with the terms of the grant. Unless otherwise specified in the grant terms, final reports are normally due within three months of the termination of the grant.

Over expenditures

If the Grant Administrator identifies an over expenditure, s/he will then work with the faculty member, his or her department, and the Dean of Faculty to redistribute those charges. In some instances, the faculty member may be responsible for the fund deficiency.

Retroactive cost transfers between accounts

No cost transfers can be made unless the expenditures are applicable to the account against which they are to be charged. All cost transfers must be approved by the Grant Administrator and the Dean of Faculty.