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Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit a care referral when they are concerned about a student. Care referrals are reviewed by the Director of Student Care and Support, who will work with the Linfield care team on follow-up and support.

When possible, the Director of Care and Support or a member of the care team will follow up with the individual who submitted the referral, yet also strives to maintain student privacy and autonomy in compliance with local and federal law. If you have submitted a report previously and do not receive follow-up or see change in two weeks, please contact Lainie Sowell at

Submit a care referral

For training on care-related concerns for your department or on-campus organization, please contact Director of Student Care and Support, Lainie Sowell, at or 503-883-2352.


2020-21 Care Report Statistics 

Pie chart of student care referrals by concern type in 2020-21

Concern types
Academic concern 40.3%
Mental health 11.6%
Roommate concern 10.2%
Physical health 7.9%
Stress/anxiety concern 6.7%
Family concern 6.1%

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Report submissions
Fall semester
Dec. Nov. Oct. Sept. Aug. Total
26 89 137 129 29 410
Spring semester
May Apr. Mar. Feb. Jan. Total
24 78 112 54 39 307
Full-year 717

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