Inside Linfield - Student Care and Support

Linfield Care Team

Mission statement

The Linfield Care Team aims to support Linfield University students in resolving educational and personal challenges that may interfere with their learning, development and success. We provide direct services such as problem-solving and planning, as well as navigation of both Linfield and community resources. We strive to foster a university community that challenges and supports students to develop skills of self and other awareness, advocacy and healthy lifestyle choice that will serve them beyond their time at Linfield.

 group photo of Linfield's care team, including: Jane Samuels, Adrian Hammond, Joe Latiluppe, Diane Crabtree, Jeff Larson, Jeff Mackay, Lainie Sowell, Susan Hopp, Katie D'Aboy, Keri Burke, Patty Haddeland, Gerardo Ochoa

Care Team Members

Front Row, Left-Right Back Row, Left-Right

Jeff Mackay, Dean of Students
Lainie Sowell, Director of Student Care & Support
Susan Hopp, Vice President of Student Affairs & Admission
Katie D'Aboy, Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Keri Burke, Director of Financial Aid
Patricia Haddeland, Director of Student Health, Wellness, & Counseling
Gerardo Ochoa, Associate Vice President of Student Success & Retention

Jane Samuels, Associate Director of Athletics
Adrian Hammond, Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities
Joe Latulippe, Director of Academic Advising
Diane Crabtree, Registrar
Jeff Larson, Director of Learning Support Services