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Blackboard introduction

This one minute video will walk you through the login process and your My Blackboard page.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I enter a course?

    This video shows you how to enter a course in Blackboard, and what you will find in a course.

  • How do I submit an assignment?

    This video shows you how to submit an assignment in Blackboard:

  • How do I access My Grades?

    Here is a video showing how to access My Grades.

  • How do I hide classes from the main page?

    1. Hover over My Courses on "My Linfield Blackboard Page"
    2. Click on the gear button that appears in the top right corner
    3. Edit which attributes you want to show for each course
    4. Under Select Availability, select Yes
    5. Click Submit and you're done
  • How do I see comments on assignments?

    There are two ways to see comments on your assignments:

    1. My Grades
      1. Go to My Grades (see above)
      2. Find the assignment you want
        Note: if your assignment hasn't been graded, there will be an ! next to it
      3. Click on the assignment grade, and you will see any instructor feedback.
    2. Assignment
      1. Go to the assignment you want to see
      2. Click on the assignment
      3. You will see any instructor feedback
  • How do I submit exemplars on blackboard?

    1. On Your Linfield Blackboard page, under "My Organizations," click "My Linfield Curriculum Portfolio."
    2. On the left menu of this screen, click "Exemplars and Supporting Work."
    3. On this page, you can find forms to submit for each part of the Linfield Curriculum that requires an exemplar.
    4. When you click on one of the exemplar forms, it will take you to a Blackboard "quiz" with questions to answer for each exemplar. Though the quiz tool is being used, this is not a test.
    5. You can save and resume the exemplar form later. There are multiple attempts for all exemplar forms.

    For more information, follow this link to detailed instructions.

  • How is Blackboard Calendar useful?

    • All due dates from your Blackboard courses appear on the Calendar.
    • You can turn on and off which courses you want to appear on your Calendar.
    • You can add your own events to your Calendar.

Ways to get outside help

You can also enroll in a demo course for students:

  1. Log in to Blackboard with your CatNet credentials.
  2. Select the Courses Tab just under the Linfield logo.
  3. Click on the "Browse Course Catalog" button in the left column. Type "success" in the text box, then click on the "Go" button.
  4. Click on the action link (chevron icon) to the right of the BBDEMO for the current semester.
  5. Select "Enroll," then select "Submit" and you are registered for the class.