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Grading with rubrics in Blackboard

Rubrics can be very useful in your course for both the instructor and the students. Rubrics can make the grading process for the students more transparent, so they know what to expect. While the instructor is able to make sure that they are consistent in the grading of each assessment, and in some cases can increase the efficiency of their grading.

Blackboard assessments and rubrics

Any assessment or tool (journal, discussion board, etc) that will be graded can be done so with a rubric. Rubrics can be imported to and from different courses, including to and from other instructors. This can be a great way to get new faculty to use rubrics for your

USC has an excellent resource for Creating Rubrics in Blackboard and sample rubrics that can be downloaded and imported.

Blackboard's Rubric help page

Rubrics with TurnItIn assignments

TurnItIn allows you to use rubrics just as blackboard does. Unfortunately, the Blackboard and TurnItIn rubric managers don't talk to each other and use separate file formats.

TurnItIn's Rubric Tutorial

If you have a rubric already built in Excel, they have instructions to import those into the rubric manager.

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