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Blackboard tips for faculty

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BlackBoard (BBLearn) is Linfield's learning management system. It is a tool for faculty to communicate, collaborate, and share information with students.

Blackboard components:

Once the course is available, the CIA acronym is a handy way to remember BBLearn’s main components. There are several ways that we can use BBLearn.

Course content. There are a variety of components in BBLearn that help instructors share their content. You can easily create web pages; share photos, videos, slide shows and web links; and leverage resources such as NBCLearn and publisher content;

Interaction is the key to learning. BBLearn offers a variety of tools for students to interact with content, with their instructor and with each other. The most popular of these tools is the discussion board. Faculty post open-ended questions that allow students to exchange ideas about course topics. Other tools include assignment tools, chat rooms, journals, wikis, and more.

Assessments deal with assignments, tests, essays, etc. The main benefit of doing these through BBLearn is that it allows for students to know their grades in real time. The system also reminds students when assignments are due and whether they’ve been completed or not.

What if I have problems?

You can request help through the Linfield Blackboard Support page, contact your Blackboard Administrator, or view the Quickstart Guide, FAQ, & BBlearn Full Guide on this site. Two links that may be helpful from BB Learn:

Blackboard Learn Youtube Channel for Faculty and Which browsers will work with Blackboard Learn

If you have suggestions for ways we can improve the system or how we help you, please let us know at