Inside Linfield - Online and Continuing Education Advising

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of academic support does my academic advisor offer?

  • Academic planning assistance – Helping you understand degree and certificate requirements; assisting in the development of an academic plan and roadmap; providing course selection guidance and progress evaluation.
  • Connecting students to resources - Serving as a liaison for you to the various Linfield academic support services offered and providing referrals as needed.
  • Assistance navigating Linfield systems and procedures – Helping you understand the various systems and procedures you'll need to utilize during your online education and helping you navigate through the processes.
  • Academic advocate for students - Supporting you and helping you through any challenges that may affect your online education. We can be your voice when you need to interact with different departments and staff on campus.
  • Online First Year Seminar (IDST 008) – Academic advisors teach this required* course helping to orient students to the Linfield curriculum, LC documentation, Linfield resources, study/learning skills, prior learning, degree planning and more.
  • Mentor and coach – We’re here to support you if you find yourself dealing with challenges that may affect your academic success. Reach out to your advisor and we’ll do everything we can to help make sure you stay on track for program completion.

* RN to BSN students take a new student orientation instead of the Online First Year Seminar course.

What does the academic advising process look like?

Once admitted, you will be assigned a professional academic advisor who will contact you to provide an introduction, learn about your academic goals, and schedule an initial advising appointment. The requirements of the degree or certificate you are seeking will be covered in this initial appointment and an academic plan will be tailored to meet your personal and professional goals. The result is a clear plan of action to follow so you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Once a roadmap has been developed we will continue to stay in touch with you helping you evaluate progress along the way and serving as a resource for you as you navigate Linfield systems and procedures. You will hear from your advisor at key times throughout the year when you will work together on an academic plan for the next year.

You may also want to check in with your advisor prior to enrollment for each term to check your progress and make any adjustments before you register for classes. We can serve as a single point of contact for you connecting you to the on-campus and online resources you may need. You are welcome to contact your advisor at any time with other questions or concerns as well.

The RN to BSN academic advising process is slightly different and includes a transfer to a different academic advisor upon starting the Nursing cohort. In addition, you will also be assigned a faculty advisor at this time.

I am thinking about changing majors, what should I do?

Talk to your academic advisor if you have questions about the major you’re considering or just need help figuring out what major to declare. Your advisor can help you understand the requirements for different majors.

What forms do I need to complete when I know my expected program completion date?

Degree students will need to complete an application for graduation one year prior to their anticipated graduation date. 

I need to take some time off, what do I need to do?

We understand that life gets in the way sometimes when pursuing an online degree or certificate. If your current life commitments have changed and you need to take some time off just let your advisor know. Also, keep in mind if you are not enrolled in classes for eight consecutive terms, you will need to re-apply for admission to Linfield University.

What are the financial aid ramifications of taking a leave of absence?

The financial aid ramifications of taking a leave of absence is dependent on many factors. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at 888-471-2225 (Pacific Time) or for guidance on your particular situation.

How many terms can I take off before I need to re-apply for admission?

You will need to re-apply for admission to Linfield University after eight consecutive terms of not being enrolled in classes.

How long will it take for me to get my bachelor’s degree?

The time it takes to complete an online degree is dependent on many factors including the pre-requisites required for each particular degree, the amount of transferrable credit you may have, Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) and your expected pace of study (the amount of coursework you plan to take each semester).

Taking all of these factors into consideration, online students could complete their bachelor’s degree in as little as a few semesters. Your Academic Advisor will work closely with you to develop a clear plan of action and determine the best way for you to meet each of the Linfield requirements.

In addition to the individual course requirements for each degree, what are the other requirements for obtaining a bachelor's degree at Linfield?

A bachelor’s degree at Linfield requires 125 total semester credits* made up of prerequisites, Linfield Curriculum (min. 24-semester credits; some courses will count as both major course and Linfield Curriculum) and electives – as needed to reach 125 credits.

Students must also have a minimum cumulative and major GPA of 2.00 in addition to meeting the Linfield Residency Requirement which requires students seeking their first bachelor's degree to complete a minimum of 30 credits of coursework at Linfield, including 20 of the last 30 credits, 15 credits in the major, and 10 credits in the minor. Students seeking their second bachelor's degree must complete a minimum of 30 credits of coursework at Linfield, including 15 in the major.

Students who transfer with fewer than 60-semester credits must complete three credits in paracurricular courses, one of which must be in physical education or dance.

* For students seeking a second bachelor's degree, the 125 credit requirement and Linfield Curriculum requirements are met with prior coursework. These students are still required to meet prerequisites in addition to taking the major courses and meeting the Linfield Residency Requirement of 30 credits (which includes 15 credits from the major).

How long does it take to complete a certificate program?

Certificate programs range from 16 to 24 credits each and can take a varied amount of time to complete depending on your pace of study. A four-course certificate can easily be completed in a couple of semesters if two courses are taken each semester, while an eight-course certificate may take a couple of years to complete if only one course is taken each semester.