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Required nursing course registration

How does registration work for required nursing courses?

All admitted and continuing students will register for courses themselves through WebAdvisor. Prior to the scheduled registration week for each semester, students will be emailed with a randomly assigned time that they can begin registering for courses. While it is reccomended that students register as close to their scheduled time as possible, students are able to make changes to their schedule up until December 1st for Spring registration and April 15th for Fall registration.

Required courses are grouped together in section blocks generally labeled as: PA, PB, PC and PD. Each course is registered at capacity and individual courses are organized in blocks to fit precisely together, so that there are no conflicts for any nursing student. The student must register for one course only in WebAdvisor -  the Integrated Experential Learning (IEL) course for their upcoming semester:

  • Semester 1: NURS 335
  • Semester 2: NURS 375
  • Semester 3: NURS 435
  • Semester 4: NURS 475

Students do not need to register for any other courses for their given section - just the one IEL course. Upon registering for the one IEL course, the remaining required courses for their semester that correspond with their section (PA, PB, PC, or PD) will automatically appear on their schedule.

For information about switching schedules, see "Switching Required Nursing Course Sections".

If a student wishes to add an LC or elective course to their schedule, please refer to the "Completing Linfield Curriculum Requirements" page.

What courses will I take each semester?

Semester 1:

  • Foundations of Community-based Nursing Practice (NURS 305), 4 credits
  • Professional Communication in Healthcare (NURS 315), 3 credits
  • Evidence-Based Nursing (NURS 320), 3 credits
  • Integrated Experiential Learning I (NURS 335), 4 credits

Semester 2:

  • Nursing Care of Clients and Families Across the Lifespan with Chronic Conditions (NURS 355), 3 credits
  • Clinical Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nursing Practice (NURS 365), 3 credits
  • Integrated Experiential Learning II (NURS 375), 5 credits
  • Nursing in Mental Health and Illness Across the Lifespan (NURS 395), 3 credits

Semester 3:

  • Transitions in Health and Illness (NURS 425), 3 credits
  • Integrated Experiential Learning III (NURS 435), 6 credits
  • Nursing Care of Clients and Families Across the Lifespan with Acute Conditions (NURS 455), 4 credits

Semester 4:

  • Population-Based Nursing (NURS 460), 3 credits
  • Nursing Leadership (NURS 470), 3 credits
  • Integrated Experiential Learning IV (NURS 475), 7 credits