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Progression through the nursing program

A student‘s progression through the nursing program requires maintaining appropriate grades and the approval of nursing faculty that a student is qualified in all relevant aspects to practice nursing safely, ethically and competently. The nursing department reserves the right to review at any time the student‘s ability to practice safely and competently and will do so automatically when the student:

  • Receives a grade of C- or below in a nursing course
  • Is reported by a nursing faculty member or supervising nurse as having practiced unsafely, unprofessionally, unethically, or engaged in illegal behavior.

Progression is contingent upon satisfactorily completing the prescribed nursing curriculum. A grade of C- or below in a required nursing major core or support course is considered an unsatisfactory completion (failure). There are four typical circumstances that interrupt normal progression:

  1. Grade of C- or below for a required nursing course for the first time
  2. Withdrawal from a required nursing course
  3. An incomplete grade (I) in a prerequisite nursing course
  4. Academic probation with the university (cumulative Linfield GPA below 2.000)

There are five typical circumstances that stop progression:

  1. Unsafe clinical nursing practice
  2. Unethical behavior
  3. Unprofessional behavior
  4. Illegal behavior
  5. Failing the same required nursing course twice or failing two required nursing courses

Progression Scenarios

Incomplete Grade

A grade of Incomplete (I) in any prerequisite nursing course will make the student ineligible for enrollment in succeeding nursing courses until the incomplete course is completed with a satisfactory passing grade.

Course Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from a required nursing course with a clinical component, but must be passing the clinical at the time of withdrawal. A student cannot withdraw from a course to avoid failing clinical due to unsafe clinical nursing practice, unprofessional behavior, illegal behavior and/or unethical behavior. Once the student withdraws from a required nursing course, they must petition to the Student Policy & Progression Committee (SPP Committee) to re-establish a revised progression plan.

Course Failure

When a student receives a grade of C- or below in a required nursing course, the SPP Committee will review a student petition for continuation and progression in the nursing major. A student who receives a grade of C- or below in a required nursing course must meet with their advisor and submit the progression remediation plan to the University Registrar, Diane Crabtree, within seven work days after the last scheduled final exam of the term. Please refer to the bottom section of this page for further petitioning procedures.

Unsafe Clinical Nursing Practice, Unethical, Unprofessional or Illegal Behavior

When faculty identifies unsafe clinical nursing practice or unethical, unprofessional or illegal behavior by a student in any School of Nursing activity, the faculty will notify the student by means of the academic alert. A student whose clinical practice has been documented to be unsafe or who has demonstrated unethical, unprofessional or illegal behavior will follow the SPP Committee petitioning procedures at the bottom of this page. The following may constitute sufficient grounds for denying progression and continuation in the nursing major:

  • Unsafe clinical nursing practice
  • Unethical behavior (violation of the ANA Code of Ethics for nurses)
  • Unprofessional behavior with administration, faculty, peers, agency staff, clients or family members of clients
  • Illegal behavior contrary to applicable Federal law or state statutes, including the Nurse Practice Act.

Two Failures

Any student earning a grade of C- or below in the same required nursing course on two separate occasions or a grade of C- or below in two required nursing courses will be dismissed from the nursing program.

Withdrawal from the Nursing Major

If a student wishes to withdraw from the nursing major and Linfield University, the student must notify the Registrar's Office and complete a Linfield University withdrawal form. Where applicable, the student must participate in a Student Loan Exit Interview with the Financial Aid Office. The student should also confer with their faculty advisor. Should the student wish to return to the nursing program, the student must reapply for admission to Linfield University and the School of Nursing.

If a student wishes to withdraw from the nursing major but not Linfield University, the student must notify the Office of Admission. The student should also confer with their faculty advisor and the Pre-Nursing/Nursing Advising Coordinator. Should the student wish to return to the nursing major, the student must reapply for admission to the School of Nursing.

Petitioning and Appeal Procedures

Petitioning the SPP Committee

To petition:

  1. Download the Progression Remediation Plan. The student and their advisor should collaborate in completing the form. Submit completed forms to the University Registrar, Diane Crabtree.
  2. If the student is petitioning to retake a failed course, the petition must include a detailed description of the reasons for the low grade, a plan for future success, and a new curriculum plan/schedule.
  3. The faculty member teaching the course that the student failed must submit a letter to the SPP Committee describing why the student did not pass the course and a recommendation to allow or not allow the student to repeat the failed course.
  4. The SPP committee will review the petition and the additional information provided in order to recommend approval or denial of the petition.

If the petition is approved, the student may retake the course as space is available during fall or spring semesters. A student who has failed a course will not be allowed to enroll in a clinical nursing course during summer term.

If the petition is denied, the student is given a summary of the committee findings and may review written materials used in making the decision. The student may write an appeal petition to the Dean of Nursing in writing within one month after the APGH decision, should they choose to do so.

Appealing the SPP Committee Decision

Students wishing to appeal a progression decision made by the SPP Committee should consult with their faculty advisor, and submit a detailed petition letter to the Dean of Nursing. If the matter is still not resolved after appealing to the Dean of Nursing, the student may appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty on the McMinnville campus.

Source: Linfield University, School of Nursing Student Handbook