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Completing the Linfield Curriculum (LC) Requirements

Students should become familiar with the Linfield Curriculum (LC) requirements prior to beginning their nursing curriculum. Students seeking their first degree are required to complete all LC requirements prior to their intended graduation date. 

The Program Evaluation is a great resource that students should utilize to determine what LCs they need to fulfill and help them stay on track to graduate. The Program Evaluation can be found in WebAdvisor under "Academic Profile".

Nursing students should work with the Academic Advising Office to determine their plan to fulfill their remaining LCs. Courses can be taken through Linfield (recommended) or transferred in from other institutions.

It is not advised that nursing students take LC/elective courses during terms that they are completing the nursing curriculum. We strongly encourage students to complete their remaining requirements during January Term or Summer Term. If a student wishes to take a course on top of their nrusing curriculum, they must consult with their faculty advisor, the Nursing Advising Coordinator, and fill out an Add Form through Etrieve.

Taking & Registering for Linfield Curriculum Courses at Linfield

Students are encouraged to take Linfield Curriculum courses through Linfield's Online & Continuing Education (OCE) campus. Once a student has determined which requirements they need to complete, they can search for Linfield courses using the Course Catalog in Self-Service. Tip: students can filter their search by LC by selecting "Course Type" at the bottom of the page.

Once a student has found a course of interest for the given term, they must submit an Add Form through Etrieve. This form will have to be approved by multiple parties and will not appear on the student's schedule until all parties have approved it. Nursing students cannot register for OCE courses through WebAdvisor - an Add Form must be filled out. If an Add Form is denied, the student will be notified via email. Students are encouraged to track the progress of the form in Etrieve regularly. 

Once the course is approved, the student should be able to view the course on their schedule in WebAdvisor for the given term. The course will also appear on the student's Program Evaluation under the LC requirement it will fulfill.

Refer to the OCE Academic Calendar for course start and end dates. All OCE courses are offered through Blackboard.

Taking Linfield Curriculum Courses at Another Institution 

Nursing students are also able to take Linfield Curriculum courses at other institutions with pre-approval from the Registrar's Office. It is the responsibility of the student to become admitted & register for courses at another institution.

Once a student has determined which LCs they need to fulfill, they are encouraged to review the Registrar's Transfer Equivalency Database to determine how coures have transferred to Linfield from the institution of their choice. Some institutions have a Transfer Guide that can help students further narrow their search.

Once a student finds a course that they believe can fulfill their LC requirement, they must submit a Transfer of Credit Pre-Approval Form to the Registrar's Office to determine if it will transfer. Even if a course is listed in the Transfer Equivalncey Database, the student must submit a Transfer of Credit Pre-Approval Form. The Registrar will notify the student via email how/if the course will transfer to Linfield.

Students are also encouraged to review LC offerings at Linfield to determine what types of courses could fulfill each LC. If a student finds a course at another institution that is not in the Transfer Equivalncey Databse but they believe could fulfill an LC requirement, they should submit a Transfer of Credit Pre-Approval Form to the Registrar's Office for evaluation.

Once grades have been posted at their institution, students should send an official copy of their transcript to the Registrar's Office as soon as possible.

Please refer to the Linfield University Course Catalog for information regarding transfer credit.

Additional transfer credit information is available through the university Registrar's Office.

The Linfield Curriculum Portfolio (Exemplars)

Please refer to the LC Portfolio page for more information about exemplars. Exemplars are submitted trough the LC Portfolio Organization in Blackboard. 

Linfield students are required to submit exemplars for each LC they complete while they are a student at Linfield. All exemplars must be submitted by the last day of classes of their anticipated graduation term. However, it is strongly encouraged that students submit exemplars during the end of finals week of the term they complete the LC.

Note: if a student completed an LC prior to starting at Linfield, the exemplar requirement will be waived and it will be reflected on the student's Program Evaluation. Any LC taken while being a student at Linfield must have an exemplar submitted for it, regardless if the course was taken at Linfield or another institution.