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Audit or waitlist

Should I join a waitlist or audit a closed course?

  • A course can be waitlisted or audited, the registration system will not permit both.
  • Once a student registers into a course as an audit student, they lose their position on the course waitlist.
  • Should space become available, the student at the top of the waitlist will receive an email. Please follow the instructions outlined in the email.
  • Students who wish to audit a course only after all possibility of enrolling off of the waitlist has passed should wait until the last day to enroll in a course to register as an audit student. See the Portland Academic Calendar for specific dates.
  • Courses registered as an audit or waitlisted are subject to the same add/drop deadlines as regularly registered courses. See the Portland Academic Calendar for specific dates.
  • Often the registration system has difficulties recognizing switches between a waitlist and audit status. If you have difficulties registering through WebAdvisor, complete an Add/Drop Form and return it to the Enrollment Services Office. Write AUDIT in the credits section.