Inside Linfield - For Faculty and Advisors

Faculty Advisor Competencies

Advising knowledge competencies

  • Linfield Curriculum requirements.
  • General academic policies.
  • Graduation/degree requirements.
  • When to refer a student to another resource.
  • Who department chairs are and/or who are point people in a student’s major of interest.
  • Where to find advising information.
  • Majors/minors offered at Linfield.
  • Campus resources available to students.
  • Co-curricular opportunities to enhance a student’s experience.
  • Introductory courses to explore majors.
  • How to/when to utilize WebAdvisor for advising purposes.
  • Relevant student development theory.
  • Their own advising philosophy, aligned with the institutional advising mission.

Advising skill competencies

  • Establishes rapport with advisees.
  • Builds respectful, professional relationships so that students feel valued.
  • Actively listens to advisees.
  • Communicates effectively with advisees.
  • Facilitates students’ goal-setting, educational planning, and decision-making.
  • Utilizes their advisees’ program evaluations in advising appointments.
  • Assists students in creating and updating an academic plan.
  • Makes effective referrals.
  • Maintains advising notes for each advisee.
  • Explains to students the value of the Linfield Curriculum and/or the liberal arts.
  • Helps students select intro courses in academic areas of interest.

Advising values

  • Academic and professional exploration through the liberal arts.
  • Intentional process of major discernment.
  • Empowering students to make their own decisions.
  • Advising as a teaching and learning process.