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Registration and Orientation Leaders

Apply to become a 2020-21 Registration and Orientation Leader! The application deadline is March 6, 2020.

What do Registration and Orientation Leaders (ROLs) do?

Registration and Orientation Leaders (ROLs) are responsible for welcoming new first-year and transfer students to Linfield, and assisting them in their development in four key areas: Sense of Belonging, Community Building, Navigating College, and Academic Success. For information about getting involved in student leadership opportunities read about student life at Linfield.

Why should I become a Registration & Orientation Leader?

As a ROL, you will not only be making a difference in new students’ lives, but you will also be part of an incredible student leadership team that can help you grow and develop essential leadership skills.

As part of this goal, we have articulated highly valued Student Learning Outcomes that each ROLshould meet.

As a result of serving as a Registration & Orientation Leader, you will be able to…

  • Build relationships with people who are different than you.
  • Communicate clearly through a variety of modes (e-mail, text, phone, public speaking).
  • Develop a greater sense of confidence in your role as a leader on campus.
  • Explain the Linfield Curriculum requirements.
  • Facilitate engaging classroom discussions.
  • Support new students in their transition to the Linfield community.
  • Communicate the value of Academic Advising.

Individualized goal setting and growth

In order to accurately measure and document that you have achieved the above learning outcomes you will be assessed in a variety of ways.

  • You will complete a student leadership Core Competencies rubric in the spring after being hired.
  • You will complete the same document when you've concluded your time as a ROLin order to see how your leadership skills have grown over time.
  • You will meet individually with Academic Advising staff three times over the course of your job to articulate and track the learning outcomes you'd most like to develop and improve upon.

Cumulatively, this intentional leadership development approach will help you be a more competitive applicant for jobs, internships, and future schooling after you graduate from Linfield! Who knows, perhaps you will even discover a hidden passion for teaching, student affairs, or leadership!

What do past ROLs have to say?

Why did you apply to be a ROL?

"I was first inspired to apply for a position as a ROL because my ROL was such an important resource and role model for me and I wanted to emulate that for other students." -Ally Ortner '16 

"I applied to be a ROL because I knew that going into my senior year I wanted to leave a mark on this campus. It is so easy as you become an upperclassman to think of yourself as separate from the incoming classes, and I wanted the reminder that I was there just a few short years ago. I love the idea of using what I've learned in my time at Linfield to help others that are going through the same things that I struggled with." -Morgan Folsom '15

"I applied to be a ROL because I felt that I had a number of unique and shared experiences--triumphs and failures--throughout my time at Linfield that would be beneficial to the development and education of new students interested in exploring who they were and what they wanted to do in life." -Terran Sobel-Smith '16 

"I became a ROL because I enjoy working with students younger than myself and helping them through transitions in life and being a mentor. I also wanted to take the opportunity to become involved with the school and meet new people." -Kailey Wright '18

What skills and/or benefits have you gained from this experience that will help you with life after Linfield?

"I would say that the most marked change in myself is my own ability to ask for help, or to rely on others. Having always been a person who prefers to be independent, I had never been able to see as much value in an advisor as I saw this semester! Being able to ask for help is such an important skill, both personally and professionally, and this skill has already benefited me in my job hunt!" -Morgan Folsom '15 

"I definitely improved in my ability to approach situations in a manner that was best for each individual student and tailor my responses to their needs. I think that this will really help me in my legal career as far a taking different perspectives and trying to see things from another person's point of view." -Pendrey Trammell '16 

"More than anything, I feel my ROL experience has helped to develop stronger communication skills." -Terran Sobel-Smith '16 

"Some of the skills I have gotten from the ROL experience are: public speaking, organizing a meeting, and branching out to other people and networking/collaborating.  I’ve also discovered that I really enjoy being in a classroom and teaching other students." -Aly Ortner '16

Who should apply to be a ROL?

"Being a Registration & Orientation Leader means being a dedicated leader who is open to new challenges, willing to grow, and is excited about making an impact. If that is you, then apply!" -Austin Browning '16 

"I think students who want the chance to be a student leader and role model for younger incoming students should apply. They should be able to handle the responsibility of 15-20 other students and be willing to work well with others, both faculty and peers." -Kailey Wright '18

"I would encourage others to apply to be a ROL because it is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other students, AND you get to expand and build upon your own professional skills as well. It's a very unique and special position to be because you really get to help shape the Linfield experience for first-year and transfer students." -Pendrey Trammell '16

Do you have an experience during your time as a ROL that still resonates with you?

"I feel a deep sense of gratitude as well as satisfaction for being able to help my students, whether it was in a large or small way. It has also inspired me to learn more about a career in Academic Advising!" -Maggie Abeles '16

"I had a student that was at a completely different place in their life compared to me.  At first I thought I was not going to be able to properly advise this student and that I wouldn’t be any help to the student.  As we continued to meet for our advising appointments I realized just lending a listening ear and support was the only thing that was needed, and it helped me to realize that while you might feel like you aren’t making a difference or helping, you really are.  That’s what makes being a ROL such a unique position.  While you are expected to teach and lead first year students, you also get to know them personally and can act as a friend or mentor." -Aly Ortner '16

"I think the most meaningful thing in being a ROL is seeing my students being so successful and involved on campus. I have already seen so many of them take on leadership roles and make impacts in the community, and I couldn't be more proud of all of them." -Pendrey Trammell '16


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