Inside Linfield - Advising Team

Faculty Advisors

Faculty are advising experts in their department. Students and other faculty can reach out to faculty advisors for academic questions and support. For departments not listed, please reach out to academic advising or contact faculty in their department. To be assigned a faculty advisor and approved for registration, new students should follow the steps on the academic advising and registration checklist.

Transfer Advisors

Department Professor Title Email Phone Office
Biology Dr. Jeremy Weisz Associate Professor, Chair 503-883-2704 Murdock Hall 211
Business Dr. Sharon Wagner Elkinton Professor, Chair 503-883-2252 TJ Day Hall 206
Chemistry Dr. Brian Gilbert Professor 503-883-2469 Murdock Hall 118
Computer Science Daniel Ford Assistant Professor, Chair 503-883-2706 Renshaw Hall 210
Economics Dr. Jeff Summers Professor 503-883-2297 TJ Day Hall 305/td>
Education - Elementary, ESOL Dr. Kena Avila Associate Professor 503-883-2312 Potter Hall 336
Education - Elementary Dr. Mindy Larson Professor, Chair 503-883-2203 Potter Hall 220
Education - Secondary Dr. Steve Bernhisel Associate Professor 503-883-2674 Potter Hall 332
Education - Secondary Dr. Gennie VanBeek Associate Professor 503-883-2237 Potter Hall 224
Environmental Studies Dr. Nancy Broshot Professor, Chair 503-883-2753 Renshaw Hall 207
Global Languages & Cultural Studies Dr. Masayuki Itomitsu Associate Professor, Co-Chair 503-883-2475 Walker Hall 325
Health, Human Performance, and Athletics Elizabeth DeVisser Lab Coordinator 503-883-2348 Cook Hall 105
Health, Human Performance, and Athletics Dr. Jeff McNamee Professor, Chair 503-883-2604 HHPA Complex 219
Health, Human Performance, and Athletics Dr. Janet Peterson Professor 503-883-2255 Cook Hall 101
Health, Human Performance, and Athletics Dr. Cisco Reyes Associate Professor 503-883-2397 HHPA Complex
History Dr. Sharon Bailey Glasco Associate Professor 503-883-2306 Pioneer Hall 208
International Relations (Political Science) Dr. Patrick Cottrell Professor, Chair 503-883-2477 Walker Hall 128
Law, Rights, and Justice (Political Science) Dr. Nick Buccola Professor 503-883-2246 Walker Hall 125
Mathematics Dr. Stephen Bricher Professor 503-883-2260 Taylor Hall 208
Philosophy Dr. Leonard Finkelman Assistant Professor 503-883-2760 TJ Day Hall 310
Physics Dr. Jennifer Heath Professor, Chair 503-883-2267 Graf Hall 101
Political Science Dr. Dimitri Kelly Assistant Professor 503-883-2330 Walker Hall 129
Pre-Nursing Dr. Brian Gilbert Professor 503-883-2469 Murdock Hall 118
Psychology Dr. Jennifer Linder Professor, Chair 503-883-2441 Pioneer Hall 114
Sociology & Anthropology Dr. Amy Orr Professor 503-883-2549 Walker Hall 215
Theatre & Communication Arts Dr. Brenda DeVore Marshall Professor, Chair 503-883-2290 Ford Hall T105
Wine Studies

International Programs Transfer Advisor

Deborah Herlocker
Assistant Director
Walker Hall 122

Pre-Professional Program Advisors

For additional information on Linfield's Pre-Professional programs, see our resources for Pre-Health, Pre-Law, and Pre-Nursing tracks.

Department Professor Title Email Phone Office
Dentistry Dr. John Syring Professor</a 503-883-2466 Murdock Hall 206
EMT, Dietetics, Optometry Dr. Janet Peterson Professor 503-883-2255 Cook Hall 101
Medicine Dr. Timothy Sullivan Instructor 503-883-2782 Murdock Hall 228B
Occupational Therapy Dr. Lee Bakner Professor 503-883-2578 Pioneer Hall 118
Pharmacy Dr. Chad Tillberg Professor 503-883-2221 Murdock Hall 230
Physical Therapy Greg Hill Associate Professor 503-883-2386 Cook Hall 112
Physician's Assistant Dr. Sarah Coste Assistant Professor 503-883-2481 Cook Hall 116
Veterinary Medicine Dr. Christopher Gaiser Professor 503-883-2537 Murdock Hall 231