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COVID-19 academic information

This page is intended as a one-stop for faculty seeking information about teaching-related COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Faculty are at the forefront of providing contact and stability to our students. Now, more than ever, your role as mentors and role models is vital to the health and well-being of our community.

University-wide policies and procedures are up-to-date and maintained regularly.

Health, Attendance and Contingency Plans (updated 1/12/21)

Guidance for Spring 2021 Teaching Spaces and Classes (updated 1/12/21)

Syllabus Preparation (updated 12/8/20)

Updates are provided in the Academic Affairs Every Other Weekly. Archives of all COVID-19 teaching updates are provided here.


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For questions about student health protocols, contact Patty Haddeland.
For questions about safety, policies, and protocols in Linfield’s instructional spaces, contact Erik Stenehjem.
For questions about classroom occupancies or room assignments, contact Kris Wessel.
For questions about in-classroom technology, contact Bahram Refaei.
For questions about remote learning best practices and support, contact Jane Wilde or Laura Zaepfel.
For questions about temporary academic policies, contact Diane Crabtree.
For questions about the Recovery Team, contact Janet Peterson or Eric Schuck.