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COVID-19 academic information

This page is intended as a one-stop for faculty seeking information about COVID-19 policies and procedures. Updates are provided in the Academic Affairs Every Other Weekly and will be incorporated here with dates indicated.

If faculty or family member is exposed to COVID-19 (added 8/27/20)

How to open and close the academic outdoor tents (added 8/27/20)

Health, Attendance and Contingency Plans (added 8/17/20)

Fall 2020 Course Instruction Information and COVID-19 Classroom Occupancies

Guidance for Fall 2020 Teaching Spaces and Classes (added 8/17/20)

Best practices for blended and online courses (updated 8/11/20)

Syllabus Preparation (updated 8/3/20)



For questions about health protocols, contact Patty Haddeland.
For questions about safety and protocols in Linfield’s facilities, contact Erik Stenehjem.
For questions about room assignments, contact Kris Wessel.
For questions about in-classroom technology, contact Bahram Refaei.
For questions about remote learning support, contact Jane Wilde or Laura Zaepfel.
For questions about the Recovery Team, contact Janet Peterson or Eric Schuck.
To request recordings of Faculty Information Sessions, contact Amy Scholer.


Academic department resources

Links to resources for academic departments are listed below. These will be populated and updated as needed, as we navigate the progress of COVID-19.


COVID-19 and teaching updates


External resources

Inside Higher Ed "6 Tips for Teaching Online and In Person Simultaneously"

Inside Higher Ed "Thoughts on Creating an Inclusive Environment in Online Classes"

Inside Higher Ed "How to Teach F2F with a Mask and Create Caring Classrooms"